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Have you ever met someone who in minutes makes you feel so comfortable you feel like they are your best friend and trusted confidante?

A host, presenter, facilitator, content creator, therapist and modern farmer, Dale is a master Listener who creates a safe space for deep and meaningful moments with anyone, anywhere.

Dale is Host of acclaimed CBC television show Hello Goodbye, in which he engages strangers in conversations as they prepare to greet or see off loved ones at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Dale’s method for Empathetic Listening is now available in consulting, presentation, workshop and training formats.


Dale is an engaging, smart and compassionate Presenter and Facilitator….
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Empathetic Listening is deeply rooted in shared emotions and relatedness and is particularly impactful in organizations where client experience and compassionate care are valued and measured.
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Dale is a content creator; street smart and world savvy, he can build a deep trusted connection with anyone, anywhere, in minutes. He has been acknowledged for his eloquent questions and willingness to go deep with another.
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A true Modern Farmer, Dale breeds and pasture raises heritage pigs and chickens.
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