Dale Curd

I’m Dale Curd and as a Certified Executive Leadership Coach I am here to help you live your life and excel in your career or business with all of the potential inside of you expressed. I specialize in revealing and shifting the limiting boundaries of your core, foundational belief system which is the primary shaper of your actions, well-being, relationships and performance.

I’m pragmatic, results-focused, highly skilled as a listener and gifted at asking the right, powerful, life-changing question.

My Work For You

Who we are and how we behave are the products of our core narrative or story – that essential, real-feeling sense of ourselves that is buried deep in our subconscious.

And like any foundation, our core narrative was built for specific purposes, a very long time ago. Think about it like who you are and the life you have now is based on a 1.0 programming – an early OS.

The tension and suffering we experience in our lives is, in part because life is always expanding and growing with new opportunities and yet our core programming is about holding us back and maintaining a very safe and familiar version of ourselves.

My work is to help you experience your full potential, unlock your limits and embrace a growth mindset to prepare you for the amazing opportunities available to you each day.

I offer three distinct platforms for individual coaching clients all focused on delivering deeply valued growth and meaningful results for my clients.

Coaching 1:1:

Personalized short term period of 1:1 coaching (1 month)
4 weekly calls/3 hrs each call.

Coaching Retainer Program

12 weeks
Personalized, approach, concierge contact, premium support
Clients can begin this program after completing the first 1:1 program

Couples Coaching

Personalized support, coaching, advocacy and education to elevate the relationship skill set of each partner and bring into reality the fullest potential of the two people being together

3 months
A powerful combination of weekly, 1:1 for each partner (90 minutes) as well as joint sessions (90 minutes) on a pre-arranged, custom schedule

2.0 Program - invitation only

Personalized mentorship for 1 year with unlimited contact leading to a custom designed and facilitated Pinnacle Project

Pinnacle Projects are life-changing, identity building, individual experiences for clients and as such fees are structured in alignment with complexity.

Workshops/Trainings For Groups

My clients often want to bring the results and share the benefits they personally experience into their organizations to create greater potential for these companies in the ways they work together, partner with stakeholders and create legacies in their markets

I offer executive training workshops in the following areas of focus; communication training, relationship building and stress resiliency. For each I create custom, facilitated experiences to deliver the results desired.


To apply for a program or talk to me about your project, please complete the form below.

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