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Welcome To Online Counselling

The reality of counselling and therapy as professions is that there are far more people who want to see a counsellor or mental health professional than there are hours in a day, or available counsellors. Mental health professionals are people too and they have lives as well which means that many see clients and patients during regular business hours. For most people this puts counselling and support out of reach.

An exciting new technological development in secure, online video conferencing promises to change the way counselling takes place. With Zoom video conferencing travelling to the professional’s office is replaced with an easy, private, and instant way for clients to connect and receive support from counsellors and other mental health professionals.

Online Counselling Is Here

Online counselling is the digital-age version of in-person counselling services and is a more convenient and one of the most discrete methods of engaging in and receiving support and guidance. In our digital-friendly world people tend to be more cautious when it comes to sharing anything personal, preferring to stay inside their comfort zones and familiar spaces. In addition, there are still millions of clients who live without access to local, professional help and sometimes this is about distances and wait times, and often it is because a client’s work schedule doesn’t coincide, or work well with a therapists office hours.

Why Online Counselling? 

I really like to work online and via secure video counselling. Some of the most common benefits associated with online counselling are:

  • No Geographic Limitations: With online counselling, there is no longer a need to seek out help within your town or city limits. You have the ability to connect with a therapist that is not in your area or time zone.
  • Efficiency: If you’re working full-time, chances are you have very little personal time set aside. With online counselling, you can receive help based on your schedule, or while you are on the move.
  • Stigmas: Many people hesitate or won’t set a therapy appointment due to a stigma surrounding therapy. In fact, some people who do in fact set appointments won’t show up for their session due to this unfortunate stigmatization of counselling – sometimes, even though you want the help, it’s just too hard or too much risk to enter a counsellors office. With online counselling, that stigma disappears because your session occurs in a place where you feel most comfortable.
  • Privacy/Confidentiality: Using online therapy provides you with complete privacy and confidentiality. For starters, I am bound by strict local and federal laws, as is the case with my brick and mortar business. All of your online therapy sessions are recorded for your review and are also protected by HIPAA.

If you know me from HelloGoodbye on CBC, or Life Story Project on OWN, you know I’m a listener first and most importantly. Perhaps the greatest service I can offer you on top of listening to you is the benefit of my learning and work over the thousands of hours and hundreds of women and men I have helped. 

  • Pricing: I have two session lengths available for online counselling:
  • * A 30 minute session is $125 (plus HST in Canada)
  • * A 60 minute session is $250 (plus HST in Canada)
  • All session fees can be paid by electronic funds transfer, PayPal or Square.

*Registration pending -fees are not coverable by insurance if registration is required -fees are tax deductible as medical or educational expenses.

All online counselling & coaching sessions are held using industry standard Zoom (Zoom) video software, a secure and encrypted video platform.

Once your appointment is confirmed, I will email you a link and instructions on how to access the software.  All I ask is that you be prepared, and enter the session three to five minutes before the scheduled start time.

Please note that I do not conduct meetings over Whatsapp or Skype because I value your safety and confidentiality and I cannot ensure complete confidentiality of the Video and any Messenger chat over these platforms.

Hoping to connect with you soon,

Dale Curd,
Host, HelloGoodbye on CBC
Counsellor – Individuals, Couples
Communications Specialist

To request a session, please complete the form below and I will be in touch with you shortly.