The Empathetic Listening Method© and the H.E.A.R. Model©

Developed by Dale Curd, The Empathetic Listening Method is an advanced communication skills process, deeply rooted in training and education, which delivers high impact workshops for organizations that value and measure customer relationship and dialogue, customer or patient experience, patient satisfaction and compassionate care.

In Healthcare, Dale trains nursing staff to become communication masters, and as Nurses embody their training, HCAHPS communication scores significantly improve. For Law Enforcement, Dale trains officers how to employ advance negotiating tactics to successfully de-escalate highly agitated individuals in the midst of a mental health crisis.

Training and Workshops

The H.E.A.R. Model© ~ One Day Workshop for Healthcare professionals

Healthcare executives are keenly aware that patients feeling heard and understood is pivotal to increasing patient satisfaction metrics, nursing staff efficacy, and patient-to-nurse dynamics.

H.E.A.R. is a one-day experiential workshop that provides nurses with the education, skills, training and confidence to engage with and accurately synthesize what is spoken and un-spoken during any patient-to-nurse interaction. Delivered exclusively by Dale Curd, on-site for Nurses, featuring eight hours of theory, practice, modeling and coaching, plus a fifty-page workbook, to advance and maintain their communication skills to an expert level.

Some of the results that H.E.A.R. delivers include:
● Nurses can create a meaningful interpersonal connection in less than two minutes
● HCAHPS communication scores significantly improve
● Nurses effectively de-escalate with difficult people and emotionally charged situations
● Reduced Caretaker fatigue
● Increased Nurse engagement with Patients
● Reduced stress in Patient-Nurse interactions
● Increased workplace satisfaction for Nurses

For organizations that consider Nurse-Patient interactions as brand ambassadorship, The Empathetic Listening Method delivered via H.E.A.R. is the definitive training experience.

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CALM De-Escalation Model© ~ One Day Workshop for Law Enforcement

CALM is a dynamic interaction learning model developed in 2013, which gives law enforcement officers the opportunity to re-set an encounter process at any time to respond to the level of escalation they experience during an Emotionally Disturbed Persons call. CALM is designed to be part of Crisis Intervention training programs as a half or full day “experiential education” workshop, complete with theory and real-time, scenario learning opportunities. CALM provides Officers with the skills and confidence to effectively manage and contain a wide spectrum of Mental health conditions from Addiction and Alzheimer’s to Schizophrenia, Dementia and Chronic and Severe Depression.

“CALM has completely changed the way police officers I instruct look at dealing with persons in crisis, working with Dale is creating a culture of change that is much needed in this area.”
~ Cst. Jon Carson, York Regional Police

“Dale Curd beings a real perspective to communication techniques for coaching and compliments coach officer training curriculum. Officers appreciate his professionalism and ability to relate to his audience.”
~ Cst. Christina Baker, York Regional Police

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