Dale is an engaging, smart and compassionate Presenter and Facilitator, available to work with large and small groups.

“We invited Dale to host our inaugural Celebrating Patients event because of his great work as host of Hello Goodbye on CBC. Dale puts people at ease and skillfully uncovers deeper truths  by asking the question under the question. Patients felt comfortable sharing their personal stories and their feelings with Dale, and he was able to help them tell their stories, in their own words, in a way that resonates with others.  We learned about listening by working with Dale and highly recommend him as a Host, Speaker and Facilitator.”
Mackenzie Health

Dale Curd is a thought-provoking and engaging professional speaker. His wisdom and pioneering insights on Empathetic Listening, mastering work and personal relationships, value-based leadership and male/female behaviour have made him an excellent choice for organizations seeking a high profile keynotes speaker or seminar leader whose message will transform lives and restore commitment. Dale presents internationally, with recent clients including Houston Methodist Hospital, Pepsi, Danone, Proctor and Gamble, York Regional Police, TD Canada Trust, Mackenzie Health and Bacardi.

Keynote Presentation

The Art and Mastery of Listening – How to Build Meaningful Interpersonal Moments

At the intersection of neuroscience and humanism, Dale takes the audience on an entertaining, poignant and instructional journey of the importance and impact of Empathetic Listening. Empathetic Listening is our life line to fulfill our most basic human need to belong. 60 minutes.

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Group Facilitator and Catalyst

Dale builds trust and safety for large and small groups to feel comfortable sharing candid and untapped insights across any topics.  Dale is frequently requested as a Catalyst in Healthcare and other industries like Financial Services and Consumer Packaged Goods, on topics such as patient satisfaction, empathetic listening, new product development, and embracing change.

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 “Dale has a real knack for zeroing in on the heart of the issue and then articulating it in a way that not only resonates, but inspires action. It’s a gift really. And one that has real impact for me and the teams I work with in a professional context.”
~ Melinda Lehman, Founding Partner North America, Happen, a global innovation firm

Training Workshops and Programs
HEAR Empathetic Listening Method

Healthcare executives are keenly aware that Patients feeling heard and understood is pivotal to increasing patient satisfaction metrics, nursing staff efficacy and improved healing. HEAR provides Nurses with the skills and confidence to engage with and deeply listen to what is spoken and what is unspoken during any Patient and Nurse interaction. The only on-site, experiential training for Nurses that includes practice, modelling and coaching, to become masterful Listeners.

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CALM De-Escalation Method

CALM is a dynamic interaction learning model developed in 2013, which gives law enforcement officers the opportunity to re-set an encounter process at any time to respond to the level of escalation they experience during an Emotionally Disturbed Persons call.  CALM is designed to be part of Crisis Intervention training programs as a half or full day “experiential education” workshop, complete with theory and real-time, scenario learning opportunities.  CALM provides Officers with the skills and confidence to effectively manage and contain a wide spectrum of Mental health conditions from Addiction and Alzheimer’s to Schizophrenia, Dementia and Chronic and Severe Depression.

“CALM has completely changed the way police officers I instruct look at dealing with persons in crisis, working with Dale is creating a culture of change that is much needed in this area.”
~ Cst. Jon Carson, York Regional Police 

“Dale Curd beings a real perspective to communication techniques for coaching and compliments coach officer training curriculum. Officers appreciate his professionalism and ability to relate to his audience.”
~ Cst. Christina Baker, York Regional Police

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